Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kan-irag Nature Park

Last Saturday, August 29, 2009, we had a bike picnic at Kan-irag Nature Park near Ayala Heights Cebu. In the morning, I rode with buddies Jam, Nic, and Billy via Naga-Uling-Manipis route. In the afternoon, we climbed to Buak then through Kan-irag. Lan2x brought her car to the park. Jun, Jeanette and daughter Louis, and Ruby (my gä) joined the picnic. It was a fun afternoon. We walked around the park, ate snacks, exchanged jokes, shared stories, snapped pics, and most of all, I enjoyed that gä had experienced the places I go on my mountain bike.

Island Hopping in Mactan

Last August 23, 2009, we went island hopping with officemates, a visitor from Lexington, friends, and ofcourse with my gä. This was our first time to do snorkling together. We did island hopping before in Boracay but we haven't done any snorkling. So we were both excited! =)

The Route:

Some Island Hopping Pics:

A Few Underwater Pics:

More Album Pics at: Island Hopping in Mactan

Happy Anniversary Nanay and Tatay!!! (Aug. 9, 2009)

"Step one"

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..."

Long before, it has been one of my dreams to inspire people. This gigantic task seems very difficult to pursue. I could sometimes imagine myself in an epic movie where I'm the hero who died for the people. But ofcourse, I didn't want my story to end that way, at least not yet. Seriously, even inspiring one person takes an accurate moment or opportunity to even take place. I realized that I have an impact to the people close to me. So I'd rather start this journey with my loved ones. I particurly think that I have, in one way or another, inspired my gä, on perception of life, family, love, sacrifices, etc. All these I also learned from the people who have inspired me, my family, particularly the ones older than me -- my father, my mother, and my older brother. They have been very good examples in my life. My father taught me wisdom. My mother taught me unconditional love. My older brother taught me character. This time, I believe I have the fragile privilege of inspiring the younger members of my family -- my sister, and my younger brother. Both are already in their maturing age and it is very crucial to inculcate to them things that will help strengthen their foundation as a person. I said fragile as the things that I teach or show them could make or break this foundation no matter how hard you try. You never have to pressure them on what to do with their lives but simply to guide them to become happy with the way they will be living their lives. As we age, our experiences add up. We can leverage this to help the young generation in learning by example. Tonight, I have talked with my younger brother. I shared to him my experiences. I must say good things happened in my life at the age of 25. He will definitely have unique experiences himself. What I can do is to guide him on making calculated decisions for him to enjoy his life that he wants. I do hope that I inspire him. This is very hard to do, but I would rather try my best in the ways that I can. That would be step one...

-- Mitch 052609

(Photo captured by RucusPhotos)