Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Nice Morning Jog

My wife and I decided to push through with our long before plan of jogging in Canada Drive up in Ayala Heights. It's been a good jogging experience for her, a short but uphill climb. We hope to do that again soon.

We then explored some abandoned subdivision project and we got to meet a lot of livestock making the roads their resting ground.

We bought some fresh buko juice and sweet corn along the way. We saw this dog trying to befriend us, and enjoyed the view with us. :)

We drove towards Buak area and made a turn to the backdoor of Mountain View, to go check out Lantaw Restaurant that we've heard of. They also had another restaurant in Mactan but I heard this was way better, so down we go to feed our curiousity. Got a nice view of the city along the way...

Before reaching the restaurant, to our surprise, we saw this Greek themed structure, which turned out to be a city museum. It's amazing how Cebu has grown over the years, especially in terms of economy growth, with all the foreign and domestic investors putting up real estates such as new malls, condos, and attraction sites. It's going to be exciting being in Cebu during this growth. 

A few minutes later we arrived in Lantaw Restaurant. And I would say, we found the best overlooking and relaxing spot in Cebu, I think even better than Cebu Tops because of the restaurant itself. I can imagine revisiting the place at night, drinking tea while talking with family.

They served good food. We ordered Cordova Express (similar to Bicol Express, but seafood), baked scallops (very yummy!), and pork sisig (well, I guess that means more jogging are underway.)

Lantaw Restaurant video:

Quick Start Sprint Run Convention (QSSR)

My wife was recently awarded as one of the achievers in their Quick Start Sprint Run program in Axa. I was glad to say that she is enjoying what she does, especially helping people realize the importance of income protection and investments.

She's one of the selected few to enjoy an all-expense paid trip by the company to Camayan Beach Resort in Subic.

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My First Long Ride for the Year

This past few months, I realized I gained a few pounds so it was time to lose it. My friend Jerrell invited me to join his friends biking the Naga-Uling-Lutupan-Manipis-Talisay route.