Monday, April 6, 2015

Poland Chronicles: Spending the Easter Sunday

5 April 2015

Today is Easter Sunday, and I spent the day by attending the Holy Mass at The Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle - the second highest structure in Szczecin, Poland at 110 meters. Although the Mass was spoken in Polish, I think I can still correlate some parts of the Mass in English corresponding to how it is done back home. It's been so many times that I have been to different places and it always feels home whenever I visit a church. I am glad that Poland is a Christian country by majority. It feels like home that Polish and Filipinos share the same belief.

After the Mass, it was a good stroll to the city's port, where you can see the postcard perfect museum which famously represents Szczecin.


Yesterday, I had a good stroll at the Jasne Błonia park. It is home to the monument of Pope John Paul II, now saint. It is of great timing that I get to be in one of the holy places during the Holy Week.

At the park you can also find another monument locally known as the "three eagles" representing the three generations that made the city as it is now.

Further up north of the park sits a pond next to the blossoming trees. I can't wait to bring my family here for a stroll.


Here is a cool 3D aerial photo of the park.

Poland Chronicles: First Day in Szczecin

2 April 2015

It was a long flight but I'm finally in Poland. It was quite a process of getting here. Next thing is for my family to be with me soon. On our way to Szczecin from Berlin, it was a road trip by van. As i look at the vast plains, I remember the days when I travel US a lot. It gives me a lot to look forward to, especially sharing this experience soon with my family. Before, I can only wish that my family could be with me during my business trips. Now it is a dream come true, soon.

Upon entering Szczecin, I think it is okay. Seems to be a quiet neighboorhood, lots of old buildings. I'm yet to see the rest of the city soon and explore it. One thing I like is I see a good view outside of my window.

The weather is a bit crazy. From the driver's account, you get to experience four seasons of weather in a day at these times. True enough, i see sun and snow and rain switching after another just hours apart. I guess we'll have to get used to it. I see in the map that there is a nice park just a block away, with all the playground and fountain for my little one to enjoy soon. Anyways, more exploring in Szczecin in the coming days. :)