Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Tonight at 8:30pm (Philippines), people of different races, religion, nation, participated in the Earth Hour. I was eating my dinner in a nearby mall at around 7:45pm. Anticipating the world wide event, I texted my family to spread the word and encouraged everyone to join too. I noticed that a few of the business establishments seemed to be unaware of the annual event. I felt bad that in this tough times when global crisis and global warming are serious issues, some people never even seemed to care. Ironically, a few minutes to go, I overheared a litte girl say "It's Earth Hour...". I was glad that even the young generation (including me of course Ü) are even more mature than the seemingly matured. Ironic isn't it? Earth Hour came. It's 8:30pm. The place began to dim, not totally dark because others didn't care. I told myself that in my own little ways, even if my neighbor has all the lights on, I will sacrifice an hour without plugging anything in the outlet, without turning on the lights. This may not mean a lot, but when millions do this at the same time, its phenomenal.

I captured this photo using my Canon PowerShot A610, grabbing my earth-designed stress ball, place it on top of a plastic bottle beside a lit candle.

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