Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anything Can Happen Day - Olango Adventure

Ever tried having a day where anything goes? I mean, just enjoying a day with your special someone by going somewhere and just leaving your worries behind. Just a day with nature, somewhere peaceful. I bet you want that. Well, you'll just have to make it happen.

It's a Saturday. I once biked Olango with a couple of friends. The place was stunningly peaceful. Amidst the buzzes and fuzzes of a busy life in a city, life in Olango island was simple. It reminds me of more important things in life. As Doug Larson says, the world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment.

So off we went. Instead of riding a taxi, we preferred the cheaper, more fun means of transportation -- by jeepney. It took us 3 jeepney rides and a tricycle ride before reaching a small port near Portofino Beach Resort.

The weather was fine, a gloomy cool afternoon. As we boarded the 'banca' (local for boat), porters began loading stocks of vegetables, food, gasoline, and sorts of things you basically need when living in an island.

The boat began moving. It's nice to feel the sea breeze once in a while, just there sitting in front of the blue sea. Along the way, we noticed this white flying thing hovering the sea for quite some time. It was a plastic bag. It's amazing though that it stayed in the air and never touched the sea. We saw it from the left side and watched it fly up and down across until it flew far to the right.

Then the waves started to get rough, the boat reduced its speed. The rain began to pour, and strong. Talking about anything can happen.. =)

But hey, this seems a fun adventure, something we don't do everyday. As we reached the port, we negotiated with a tricycle to take us to and from the Olango bird sanctuary. Did you know that Olango island is one of the seven best-known flyways in the world for migratory birds? More details here...

Hmmmmmm. So tranquil... =)

And the day wasn't over yet. We ate at the famous 'SuTuKil' restaurants beside the Lapu-lapu Shrine of Mactan.

We had a fun day. I wonder where we'll go on our next 'Anything Can Happen Day'?

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