Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Big Day

The Day Before The Wedding - A Letter to God

Dear God,

Tomorrow's our Big Day. Weeks before I overcame the feeling of fear, because I know this is something new, something big. A few would warn me that there's no going back, as if it's a daunting life ahead. But I'm all ready. I know it's going to be a bumpy ride ahead, but I like adventures, especially if you're doing it with someone you'd like to be stuck with in an island, because you know what, the cool thing in a married life is, you're going to be with your best buddy everyday. I never would have thought that You have laid all the dots ten years back, to this day, God. And I thank You for it, for giving me the best gift ever, my gä.



The Big Day, December 09, 2010


A special day it was, when forever begins. This happens to be our 10th Anniversary. I remember 10 years ago, we made our vows, and that vow was tested yet strong enough, because we had the faith in each other that no matter what happens, regardless of any problems, conflicts, and misunderstandings, our love for each other is even greater. The bond that we have carefully nurtured for a decade was so blessed, and I'm glad. On that very day, I've seen in gä's teary eyes, pure happiness. And now, facing another chapter of our lives as one, we'll go through new adventures and I'm sure it's gonna be fun. I know there will be ups and downs, but hey, it's gonna be one heck of an adventure! :)


On that day, after the ceremony, we had a special gathering attended by mostly our families and relatives. Since the occasion was held in Dumaguete, at the Erames' residence, attendance was mostly gä's relatives. Still I'm glad my family did their best to travel to Dumaguete as well. My dad came from Manila, my bro from Tacloban, my grandma from Bacolod, and the rest from Cebu. The entertainment duo was great, a pianist and the singer. My older bro sang a few heart-warming songs, my mom-in-law danced, gä's grandpa was delighted to see his grand daughter finally settling down (with a fine man like me! hehe. ) After a while, I sang the only composition I've ever done. It was originally a poem I gave to gä in one of our anniversaries back then in college days, and knowing a littler of guitar, I tried (tried!) to put some chords on it. This is the lyrics:


... and this was my concert :)

Day After the Wedding - Fun at Manjuyod White Sand Bar


  1. congrats mitch! best wishes for ruby! welcome to the club:D

  2. Hala oy makahilak man sad ta nimo mitch... Congrats =) - Clyde

  3. Thanks Ruby! Thanks Clyde! Apil na gyud mi sa club. :)