Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Phoenix, Reborn: Dream Big, Take Risks, Live Boldly!

Six months have passed since my last blog. It’s been a while and I missed writing. So it’s right about time. It has been a bumpy ride for 2011. I know that every new year is a new hope. Looking back, I can truly say this one tops the rest of my previous so called ‘things that have been for the year’. Needless to say, so much like a phoenix reborn from the ashes. We fall a lot of times, but it’s about how we get back up that makes the story worth telling, so finish strong! :)

I plan to improve this blog by including some of my favorite articles that I have been taking note of for quite some time now, across different categories, all of them worth reading and sharing - from collections of nice blogs, travelling, health, technology, photography, newsworthy feats, inspirational stories, mountain biking, career, environment, anything that interests me. I remind myself that the purpose of this blog is to be shared to my family and friends, so that they may find inspiration to the interesting things we learn from different walks of life.

We are a part of a huge ripple. You may think that what you’re doing may not directly or greatly impact or change the world, but these very little things matter, like how a simple “good morning!” greeting inspires people to be positive and make a difference.

This is me being part of the ripple -- inspire others!

To start this year, I’m sharing some good advices to live by. My wife printed out copies of these in strategic walls in the house, and I find myself surprised on how reading just one of the lines would inspire me for the day. So do the same, and glance on it once in a while.

1. Dream big, Take risks, Live boldly.
2. Make a habit of “early to bed, early to rise”.
3. Love deeply and passionately.
4. Stay connected to God, every minute, every day.
5. Be quick to praise, slow to criticize.
6. Go the extra mile. Cheerfully give people more than expected.
7. Live life with eternal perspective.
8. Give generously without expecting anything in return.
9. Write notes of appreciation daily.
10. Read more books and watch less TV.
11. For every recent book, read a book from a prior century.
12. Be quick to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
13. Every day you laugh and cry is a good day.
14. Make failure a stepping stone to success.
15. Tell your spouse and children you love them everyday.
16. Call your mom often.
17. Look people in the eye.
18. Be enthusiastic.
19. Find a quiet place to retreat and pray so you can keep your eyes on Jesus.
20. Always have someone you are mentoring, and someone mentoring you.
21. Give thanks in all circumstances.
22. Think outside the box; be creative.
23. Never pay back wrong for wrong or seek revenge.
24. Sow generously. As you sow, so shall you reap.
25. Smile and enjoy life. Stop and smell the roses.
26. Don’t go through life as a tourist; be God’s ambassador.
27. Make your home a place of joy and peace.
28. Keep friends for life.
29. Don’t worry about what people are thinking of you; they’re not thinking of you.
30. Your attitude and character is more important than your looks.

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