Thursday, February 23, 2012

Movie Review: "My Name is Khan"

My first impression of the title was that it sounds boring, but I was curious to know why the title. So I tried to read a few about it’s synopsis but not too much that I spoil the story. When I read that it was about an American Muslim man who has Asperger’s Syndrome, I thought it was interesting. The first scenes hooked me all the way, on how a man with this special condition was treated in an airport.

It was an eye opener on how Muslims felt after the 9/11 incident. I am a Christian and I rarely imagine myself on a Muslim shoes. Regardless of religion, the lesson in the story is that there are only two kinds of people in the world -- good people doing good and bad people doing bad. In between both, there is no difference.

There are a lot of controversial scenes that were depicted in the story, real things that may be happening about discrimination because of religion or race. But after all, two people may see the same thing differently, and neither can be necessarily wrong.

From the middle of the story towards the end, there were a lot of surprisingly exciting and moving scenes. My favorite part was when people were in a church, Christian or Muslim aside, remembering their fallen loved ones. If only even for a day, we remember that we are all humans and that we are there for others regardless of religion.

The protagonist Rizvan Khan was played by Shah Rukh Khan, and I think he did a pretty good job in portraying the role. And he has wise advices to share as well in his interview about the movie.

I think the movie was great and will definitely be one of my inspirational favorites.

Photo Source: IMDB

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