Sunday, July 28, 2013

Im a dad!

Im a dad! July 28, 2013

I was attending a team activity when I caught myself drawing some sperms racing to an egg. My colleague noticed it and said, it's good because you attract that to happen. In another activity, the facilitator asked what are the significant changes in life. In my mind, I answered parenthood.

Last week, my wife said she missed her period for four days already. So we bought a pregnancy test for the next day. Before we slept, I placed the pregnancy test strip on top of the Bible and prayed myself to sleep. The next morning. My wife woke me up. The result was positive! I'm a dad! We are so happy. I know this is another adventure, parenthood that is, but we are up to it. We then took another pregnancy syrum test on the same day and it was again positive. We shared the news to our family and they were also very happy and grateful to our Lord. We then visited an ob-gyne doctor and found out that the baby is 5 weeks old.

I'm so excited to meet my boy/girl on the last week of March 2014. See you, baby! :)


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