Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolution

What's my new year's resolution? I'll start with one simple thing -- being on time. Every journey starts with a single step, so I thought that this one simple resolution will ripple good waves throughout this year. Being on time means having enough sleep, which in turn is good for your health. Doing that will make me even more conscious about my health. And speaking of health, that reminds me to eat healthy food. My regular exercise is mountain biking which makes me burn about 1000-2500 calories a week depending on the route/trail. This hobby by the way is also a good way of meditating. I find inner peace especially when climbing mountains with the spectacular view and all you can hear is your breathing and your bike. Anyways, there are still a lot of good effects of being on time on everything. You'll be surprised... =)

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