Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Visit to Kawasan Falls

My wife and I pushed through with our long-planned, always postponed, visit to Kawasan Falls. It's a three-hour drive going there from Cebu City to the town of Badian. We enjoyed dipping through the cold waters. We rode this "balsa" (ie. a bamboo raft) that's being maneuvered by our guide by pulling the ropes across the waters, and it brought us behind the falls where we had to lay on our backs as we pass through a huge rock just below the falls. As we are passing by, there's just about a few inches clearance between the rocks surface and the tip of our nose. Then we passed through the falls, we felt its force in our shoulders and backs. That was one very hard massage there! The place was quiet and peaceful. I remembered years ago I jumped from atop this 40-foot falls. I thought, "What was I thinking then?". Anyways, I was glad I finally brought my wife in a place where I once had the highest leap of my life (without ropes or anything).

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