Sunday, April 10, 2011

Biking in Heaven

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Today, April 10, 2011, is my last mountain bike ride, well, using this mountain bike I have at least, as it is getting a new owner. So I decided to ride with Clyde through one of my favorite route in Cebu -- the gradual non-stop 7-kilometer climb in Manipis overlooking a vast gorge and river below, then through Brgy. Sinsin thru Cantipla where you can view the man-made lake in Atlas mining, then to Ayala Heights.

I knew this bike ride was special as we were blessed with an all-day very nice and cool weather, so cool we were chilling atop the Cantipla peak with fog covering our paths as we pedal through the steep climbs. We had a few stops to rest and take time to appreciate the very nice weather and view, with the cool breeze under the canopy of the rainforest. Aahhh, priceless.

At one point, I could only hear my breathing and the chains from my bike, and I never get tired, literally, when biking through places with nice views. I passed by these little kids playing a game using their slippers. I think they were siblings. They were having fun as their mother who was doing some laundry watch them, and was all smiles. Another priceless moment. I can’t help but think that life is sometimes happier when lived simply. Come to think of how they live their life in a rural area, so peaceful and laid-back. I once lived like that when I was young, and life then was very simple, and happy. Well maybe because all I did was play then :). But really, in a busy city life where seconds run so fast, we work hard to earn money and save up. In the end our goal was to build a house in a laid-back countryside. Well, I guess that’s part of this thing called - Life.

Anyways, my bike is getting a new owner. But I’m keeping my bike helmet, as a reminder that someday soon, I’ll bike again.

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