Monday, May 2, 2011

Every Singaporean Cat...

I have always been close to cats. Well, actually, my mom is. She would usually have 5-10 cats as pets at a time. So I guess my siblings and I were somehow influenced. And that's why I usually use the screen name "meow" in some online games. Well, one thing I like about cats are their being survivors, especially in places like the Philippines. Cats are known to be domestic animals, but seeing stray cats along the streets is a common sight. And sometimes tragically becomes road kills. Inspite of being homeless, they survive the urban jungle, thriving into every corner where they can possibly find food. They scour through the trash, brave the weather elements, and still survive through the day. Talk about nine lives! Bottom line is, I guess I can find that character in my mom who I look up to.

Today, I was just relaxing under a big tree when I saw this Singaporean cat staring at something above that tree. It was staring at a wood pecker. I grabbed my 5 year old digicam and snapped some shots of him. As I called him, it turned out that that cat was so cuddly, wagging its tail, stretching its legs as it approaches me. They're like our cats too. I remember back in the days we had a white cat with blue eyes that would climb up and slowly knead my belly. I read that cats knead with their paws when they're happy.

I looked around and saw some other cats. One at the doorstep in a neighborhood, while the other just relaxing in a corner of a pavement. I thought, I guess every Singaporean cat, or any cat, is just similar to us. Trying to survive, curious about things, and just relaxing under the shade of the tree.

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