Tuesday, May 10, 2011

michelingrandeza © photography

I have always been fascinated with photography. It preserves a perfect moment in time called the present -- a glimpsed forever etched in an image. I'm an amateur photographer armed with a 5MP Canon A610 PowerShot digicam I got on January of 2006, and it's still alive. It has travelled with me in different parts of the world, and has snapped thousand of pictures that some of them I haven't posted yet. From Philippines to the different parts of the US, to China, Japan, Hongkong, and Singapore. I always think that there's an artist within me (and that's being optimistic! Ü). When I see a scene, I can almost always instantly imagine a good angle for a great capture. Being an avid fan of expert photographers from the likes of National Geographic explorers that has captured really amazing shots leaving you with this awesome feeling and you're left imagining to be in the same place at that perfect time, I wanted to share my photos to the rest of the world so others may be inspired as well with the beauty of photography as I have experienced it. So snap and share! :)


These photos were untouched by editing software, but I'll soon learn to do so. I would encourage you to leave comments so I can improve my photography skills, and for readers of this blog to learn as well from you.

So welcome and enjoy photography! :)

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Travel pics...
Pulau Ubin, Singapore...

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