Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suroy-suroy sa Cebu...

Locally, "suroy" means to go around strolling/touring. On Saturday (Sept. 12, 2009), my high school best friend, Gio, visited Cebu. Together with friends Vem (also a classmate), his brother Von, and cousin John. My gä joined us as well. We decided to rent a car.

Our stops:
* Lapu-lapu Shrine
* Portofino Resort
* Kan-irag Nature Park
* Cebu Tops
* Mountain View

We bought food at STK, which is an acronym for Sugba (Grill), Tula (Stew), Kilaw (Raw fish marinated in vinegar), in Fuente area. It was my first time to that restaurant. I was surprised that big shots have already gone to that place like actors/actress, politicians, and even the president. Well, no wonder, I was taken to that place! hehehe, kidding.

Our first stop, Lapu-lapu shrine.

We then went to Portofino Resort for a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

We tried to catch up in getting to Kan-irag Nature Park, but it was too late. It was beyond 5pm when we got there it was already closed. We just played around instead in the entrance, ate snacks, and snapped pics.

We then went to Cebu Tops. Me and my gä, came to know this place almost 9 years ago. This is a romantic place for us. =)

Here are "pro" pics from a friend (Ruchie Custan) of Tops (used with permission Ü).

Come nighttime, we experimented on the digicam settings and got amazing pics.

... and some crazy fun pics! =)

After that, gä needed to go home to rest so we planned to eat dinner together first at Kumbira. We had a nice hearty dinner. After gä went home, we went back up to Mountain View (no worries on fuel, we're on full tank Ü), and enjoyed the Karaoke until early morning. I took a nap while they are ramping up their wicked voices! =)

We went to Tops again to watch the sun rise. We took fun pics!

It was a fun suroy2x in Cebu... =)

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