Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowboard! =)

This weekend was a blast! Yesterday, we had a great time bowling in a Saturday afternoon. In the evening, we enjoyed the Wii Fit. It was really fun. It had aerobics games, training plus, etc. They had this skii jump, snowball fight, skateboarding, boxing, segway, super hulla hoop, and lots more.

Today, we had a great time doing the skii, snowboard, and snow tubing in Perfect North in Indiana, a two-hour drive from Lexington. At first, we were kind of finding it hard to do the skii. After a few lessons from the instructors, we got the hang of it. It was really fun. You'll have to form a wedge to make your skiing more stable, bend forward, hands in front like holding a coffee tray, poles behind you. After grabbing some sandwich for lunch, we skiied a little more, then we tried the snowboard. It was harder than I thought. I was thinking it would be easier because I know how to skateboard but it was different. A few tries later, I was gliding through some slopes. Not bad for a first time. Next time, I want to try those amazing jumps. For now, I'll have to rest my sore legs.

And as of this writing, Endeavor space shuttle is landing at Kennedy Space Center. I'm watching it live in CNN. The space shuttle has just concluded a two-week mission to the International Space Station. Something you don't see everyday...

-- Mitch, 1:10 AM 2/22/2010


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