Friday, January 8, 2010

Triplets! =)

I have never won a prize from the Timezone Dream Catcher before, the one where a robotic arm picks up a doll and drops it into the hole. I tried it before but it seemed impossible. But some people were pretty good at it. Persistent, I wanted to get my first one and give it to my gä. I saw this Hello Kitty lying at the top of the other dolls, seemingly waiting for me. I didn't get it the first time. I tried again, and again. I tried once more by moving the arm sideways and stop when the arm becomes aligned with the pivot point and the doll. I looked at the view from the side and stopped until it's right on top of the it. Released the button, hopeful that this is going to be it! And..... what do you know. I got it! It was really fun. I showed it to my friends. I never knew that simple game could get you so thrilled. Whew! Hmmm. There was another Hello Kitty on the other side. I gave it a shot, and I got another one! Twins! It was my day, getting two prizes that are exactly the same. Just few inches from it is another Hello Kitty. I thought I have to get 3 for my gä. Patiently, I moved the arm right on top of it. As the robotic hand slowly clamps the doll, I was really hopeful. It picked it up! I celebrated but it was premature. When it dropped the prize into the hole, it hit the edge and bounced back to the other dolls. I had to try once more, I badly needed to have 3 Hello Kitties! Immediately after that, my attempt was successful. I got it! Yey! First time, 3 dolls, exactly the same! Say hi to the Hello Kitty Triplets! My gä was happy to receive it.

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